Saturday, August 07, 2004


Hii Teacher Buth,
i really hope you're enjoying your holiday as much as i am, i just wanted to thank you for this interesting course of learning, you taught us a new way to study and learn which is very helpful, interesting and new to us.
Actually the other day while i was watching the movie ( secret window ) starring johny Depp, he mentioned the word Plagiarism and i was like Oh My God! i know this word!, so i just wanted to thank you cuz if it wasn't for you i wouldn't have known the meaning of this word or even paid any attention to it, you really improved our vocabulary skills which i know is going to be very useful to us in the future, so Thank you =).
the answers for the Questionnaire:
A1: Yes, they were very clear
A2: Yes you gave us instructions and everything was clear
A3: The Activities were easy
A4: Yes, i think we should've taken more call sessions because they are very helpful and it will improve the skills of the students.
A5: it was a GREAT idea !! because if some student were absent they can always catch up on what happened in class.
A6: yes, the online activities improved my reading and writting skills
A7: all the activities were enjoyable
A8: Nothing, the program was perfect
A9: No, this is not my first time using power point program. And yes i learned new presentation skills from other students presentations and i got new ideas.
A10: i would choose on-line becuase it's easier and we should use the technology that is provided to us in our daily life, What's the use of it if we don't?

Thursday, July 01, 2004

About me

hi there,
My name is shaikha ( i'd REALLY prefer if you call me ShooSh )i am an 18 year old girl and i study at Kuwait university, i created this blog for my English 162, just incase you're intrested i would like to tell you more about me, lately i'm trying to learn how to play guitar, it's a GREAT instrument and i hope to be a good guitar player one day. after i finish my summer course i'm going to visit UAE ( i'm going there ALONE and i'm soo terrified:S), and then i'll be going to Oman for a week, wish me luck girls and i hope you like my blog :).